Fatal Error #23 – Leave Me Alone

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Owning and operating your own business can be very lonely.  There is a lot of stress, and sometimes the support you need is simply lacking.  Sure, family and friends would like to help but are they the best person to ask.  Do they own their own business?  Do they understand the problems and issues that you are facing?  Talking to employees is not the best idea either.  They are not coming from the same place you are and don’t have the same responsibilities.  It comes down to this – HELP is a 4-letter word to most business owners.  It’s just hard for entrepreneurs to ask for it.  They tend to be very strong-willed individuals that are used to figuring things out for themselves.  There is much evidence out there that shows business owners would rather do it on their own and have a $1 million company than ask for help and have a $10 million company.  Call it pride, ego, stubbornness, insanity, whatever you want; the fact remains that we all need help from time to time.

There is one seeming ironic point to all of this, those same characteristics that often keep us, business owners, from asking for help, are more than likely the same ones that give us that entrepreneurial spirit and drive that keep us going.  Life’s a balancing act, and business is no different.  Every business owner needs someone they can confide in, complain to, brainstorm, and talk through new ideas.  Why do this alone when you can get so much further in a shorter period with help.  Don’t stay stuck in the same place when there is a way out.  Find someone to be that support for you.  Find a coach or mastermind group made up of CEOs and business owners that can be that sounding board for you and get your business to that next level.

Does this sound good but you don’t know where to find a peer-consulting or mastermind group, let me know.  I create and facilitate these groups in the Dallas metroplex.  We have groups for both small and mid-sized businesses, as well as women’s only groups.

Stop being the bottleneck of your company.  What do you have to lose?

Please, comment below on issues you may be struggling with within your business.  You never know, someone reading this may just have the answer you are looking for and comment back!


**Fatal Error #23 comes from the best-selling book “The 51 Fatal Business Errors and How to Avoid Them” by CEO Focus founder Jim Muehlhausen.  Check it out here.  Or, better yet, come to one of our events and learn more about what a mastermind/peer-consulting group can do for you and get your copy for FREE.


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