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Today is the day … BOOK LAUNCH for Voices of the 21st Century!

I am so excited to be a part of this experience with these 30 amazing women.  This has been a while in the making and the day has finally arrived!

This book has a story for everyone.  Personally, I wrote on how important your mindset is to everyday life (and certainly to success) in my chapter, Mindset Matters.  But check out the list of other chapters in this book:

  1. The Power of Community, by Gail Watson
  2. The Defining Moment, By Saana Azzam
  3. Raging Aging, By Renee Balcom
  4. The Magic of a Bold Goal, by Melanie Benson
  5. The Circle of Life, by Dr. Janet Bieschke
  6. Journey to Becoming Pain-Free, by Laura Booker
  7. The Eternal Well of Creativity, by Ruth Broyde Sharone
  8. Journey to a Bright Future, by Christi Christiaens
  9. Relentless, by Elizabeth M Clamon
  10. “Because” Is Not an Answer, by Deb Coman
  11. Inspiring Possibilities, by Michelle Cameron Coulter
  12. Your Mind is a Gold Mine, by Veronica A Cunningham
  13. My Invincible Truth, By Andrea Dawn
  14. Beauty and Fragility, by Anne-Marie Dekker
  15. You Have the Power to Rise Above, by Tracey Ehman
  16. Still I Rise, by Dr. Mary J Huntley
  17. Hear My Voice, by Dana Johnson
  18. The Rebel Within, by Alana Love
  19. Purpose Has Power Over Pain, by Nicole S Mason
  20. The Gift of Birthing, by Lakichay Nadira Muhammad
  21. The Best is Yet to Come, by Donna Rae Reese
  22. A Woman’s Superpower, by Laura Rubinstein, CHt
  23. Life Rules, by Iva Schubart
  24. Bulletproof, by Alicia Smith
  25. Being Me, by Corinna Stoeffl
  26. Mindset Matters, by Kimberly Sulfridge
  27. LifExtenstion In 3, by Dr. Lina Thakar
  28. Change Your Self-Image and Succeed, by Romance Waddington
  29. Changes and Choices, by Fran Watson
  30. No More Unhappy Endings, by Bria White
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