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I love this quote.  It is so true.  So many business owners talk about luck and if they could just get that lucky break.  It’s more about what you do than getting lucky.  It would be great if all the preparation in the world kept you from making mistakes, but that is just not going to happen.  There is nothing wrong with making mistakes.  Mistakes are a problem if you don’t learn from them and continue to make them in the future.  Hard work will get you much further than any amount of luck!

How many times have you seen an issue in your company and maybe you didn’t know how to fix it?  Or perhaps you saw it but figured it was just a small issue and I will get to it later.  Well, minor problems become significant issues if you don’t address them.  And the longer you wait, the bigger they get.  Anyone that has ever owned a business has come up against something they didn’t know how to handle, but how you deal with these issues will define your type of CEO.  Do you want to be the one that waits until it is a much bigger issue that now will take much more time, effort, and money to manage; Or, would you like to be an action-oriented CEO and tackle things head-on as they present themselves?  It can be scary when you come up against problems you don’t immediately have an answer to; however, if you own your own business, that will happen. It is a guarantee!  If you are not a person that likes a challenge, business ownership/CEO is probably not for you.  Think about it!

Another quote that I love and one that I hope I live up to.  I call myself a leader, but anyone can say that, but actions are what truly determine a leader.  In my profession, I work with many CEOs and business owners from various types of businesses and industries.  And while most think their businesses are unique, there is a core base to a business that is the same across most industries.  That is one reason I love what I do.  I am able to bring these business owners together so that they can help one another out with problems, growth strategies, or pretty much any other kind of issue you come across in business.  I can’t even tell you how incredibly satisfying it is to see a breakthrough come about during our meetings and then see the success of an idea come to life.  Every one of these business owners is a leader and I love watching them work.  I learn something new every day I work with them.  Thank you to all of my leaders!

It always amazes me how many people talk about companies that were an overnight success … Facebook, Twitter, Google, Compaq, Groupon, etc.  It’s almost as if they think they came up with this idea, and then luck kicked in and just made it happen.  And while it can seem that way because one day the company is nothing and you have never heard of it and then the next day it is the hottest thing since sliced bread, I’m sure that every founder of the above-mentioned companies would strongly disagree that they are an overnight success.  What you the public is not privy to is the sleepless nights and agonizing decisions that got the company to that point.  Not to mention the years upon years of what went into making that company, before it was even a company.  Ideas can often time take years and even decades to come together in what we like to call “an overnight success” company.  If you asked each one of these founders what it took to get to where they are today … I believe most would give you this list above that the founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, so elegant gave us.  Congratulations on overnight success … thank you for sticking it out!

I don’t think we set out to make things complicated, but it is amazing how fast it seems to get that way.  We oftentimes lose focus and I feel that is when we start to make things more complicated than they need to be. Or, we even think something is too simple and therefore would not stand up to others.  I have absolutely been guilty of this practice, probably most of my career.  I am stepping up right now with a New Year’s resolution to STOP this practice and take it one step further by de-complicating my business sand personal life so to eliminate roadblocks.  More often than not, it is our own self that gets in our way.  There are enough obstacles in life and in business without us putting more in front.  Time to make some changes!



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