Mindset: The ONE Main Reason Your Business may be Failing

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Are you a glass-half-full or half-empty kind of a person? 

I know we’ve all heard the old saying so much that we don’t give it much thought anymore.  However, in talking with some potential clients recently, that old saying kept popping into my head.

I work with CEOs and business owners most of the time, which means I am used to some pretty headstrong individuals, High D personalities, if you will.  Recently, I met with a few companies that were struggling or not growing as fast as they would have liked.  I started to pay closer attention to how they talked about some of their struggles, and I found a vast difference in how they spoke about them vs. how many successful business owners did.  It indeed was a glass half empty conversation.

Those facing struggles seemed to want to blame outside forces … things like the economy, industry regulations, employees not listening, and so on.  In other words, it was somehow out of their control, and everyone else’s fault.  Once that mindset is established, the world becomes a very limiting place.  They seem to feel since it is something they have no say in, that they have to sit back and hope it passes.  Well, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Now, I turned to my more successful business owners and CEOs and noticed a much different approach to challenges.  For one, they seem to expect them.  They may not have known the exact nature of what was to come, but once it did, they take immediate action.  Recognize, Assess, and Address.  Taking action in times like these is vital to overcoming the issue.  Successful people will hold themselves accountable and work the problem.  Will they manage the issue perfectly … probably not?  They may not even be successful in turning the challenge around.  What they seem to understand that others don’t, is that it is not the end of the world.  They will get up tomorrow morning, just like every other morning, and keep pushing forward.  The difference is, they will have learned something vital in the failure and become stronger for it.

Business is messy, and plans change all the time.  Don’t get caught in the trap that you are helpless.  It is just not true.  When something unexpected happens, you have to work the problem … Recognize, Assess, and Address!  Not everything you do will be a home run.  But it is essential to learn from the mistakes, so you don’t repeat them.  Once you decide to have a successful attitude, you just might be surprised at how fast you become successful!


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